Monday, September 15, 2014

What a Great Day!

This past weekend was the Larkspur Autumn Harvest & Craft Fest & I had a blast!
It was a lot of hard work to get set up in the cold, wee hours of the morning (Thank you so much to my hubby & friend Stacey for helping a girl out!) but it was worth it!

my girlfriend stopped by & took a few photos around the festival for me…

It was a gorgeous day & a great turnout!
I sold 5 paintings & had my first what I call, "Stranger-Sale" as most of my sales in the past year have been to friends & family, not that they don't count! But there's something to be said from a stranger walking in & wanting one of your pieces!! :)

I also had a raffle for a spot in my upcoming Fall Mixed Media Mamas (& Papas) class on 9/26 with lots of entries, so I decided to pick 2!
Congratulations to Cindy A. & Kathy W.! 
(I will send you both an email very soon!)
To sign up, please like my page on Facebook & go to my events page or contact me here.

Thank you to everyone that stopped by to show your support! I was overwhelmed with everyone's enthusiasm & comments about my art!
I am blessed!


Friday, September 12, 2014

Tomorrow's the Big Day!

After many months of painting, I am finally ready for the Larkspur Autumn Harvest & Craft Fest tomorrow!! It's my first-ever solo gig with my artwork!
I am super excited to be one of 60 arts & crafts vendors this year! We are expecting great weather & quite a crowd!! YAY!

Here's a peek at what will be at the show…It's very eclectic!
A little Folk-type art:

And a little Whimsy:

And a Little Fine Art:

An this was my mock set-up in the basement to help me plan the 10x10 space!

I'm so excited! Wish me luck!
I'll try to post pix from the show very soon!


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It's been FAR too long!

Why is it that I have intentions of keeping up with something as simple as this blog & it gets completely pushed aside? 

Could it be that I already have too much on my plate? 

Since I last wrote here… 
The Magpie has finished 2nd grade & begun 3rd! 
We stopped retail marijuana sales & grow houses from coming to our little town!
We took another trip to Branson, MO to visit Silver Dollar City again! 
Nick & I travelled to Peru, where we were tourists for a week before I headed home & he climbed a 21,000 foot peak! 
I signed up for my first solo Arts & Crafts Fest with my artwork! YIKES! 
I have become a Thirty-One Gifts consultant & loving it! 
My parents are getting older & with that comes scares like mom going into the hospital for chest pain that turned out to be nothing! 
My sister & family have been traveling here & there & now might move to my neck of the woods - only 15mins south of where they are now! YAY! 
I am on the PTO Board at The Magpie's school. 
And, I wake up in the middle of the night with panic attacks because I have way to much going on! 

Anyway, here I am, finally! You will notice that a few things are different around here…I have revamped the heading with a new logo design. There are 3 pages added at the top to tell people when & where I might e teaching or selling my art as well as a crude portfolio of works created this year.  

I hope you will browse around & leave a comment or two. 
I make no promises of keeping up these days, but you never know…I just might surprise you all! Cheers!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I'm a Feature Artist!

Today some of my work is being showcased on the Altered Pages Blog as a Feature Artist!!!

Check it out HERE!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sharing my passion...

I can't begin to express the joy I feel when I am able to share my passion with others & teach them the techniques that I have come to love in creating my own canvases! The other night, I did just that by teaching a group of friends how to create this canvas during a "Mixed Media Mama's" night at my place:
It's so amazing to watch others take the techniques & create their own visions of the project! Even with a few glitches in tools, these ladies were amazing!
Deione & Charity having some fun!
Gabrielle thinking outside the box with a red background!
Working on the backgrounds
Rachel & Gabrielle at work
 (I am bummed to say I didn't get a final shot of Rachel's - she worked on 3 canvases simultaneously! I promise to get a pic from her when they are on her bedroom wall!)
Charity created a beautiful blended background for her trees!
Bev & Maria getting ready for the next step...
And Maria dives in!
Barb & her daughter Keri hard at work!
Michele & one other "student" ventured into different techniques.
It make she feel proud of my students & honestly, proud of myself when I see their pieces coming together! I think to myself, "I taught them that!" It's such an amazing feeling!!!
Bev's beautiful canvas!
Gabrielle, Barb, Keri & Charity's amazing works!
Rebecca, Michele & Maria's gorgeous pieces!
And of course, we had to get the kiddos into the act…no sitter? no problem! These two hung out on their own while we painted & didn't get into the act until later…
Bev's daughters playing along!
Don't you just love the colors & the freedom of their work? Their mom told me that they were inspired to pull some paint & canvases out at home the next morning as well.
I am blessed!