Sunday, May 8, 2016

New Class Registration Open!!!

Registration is now open for the May 20th Class!

Please click on the heart canvas to register through Sign Up Genius & PayPal.

(This the first time I've registered my classes this way, so please contact me ASAP if there is a problem!)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Coming Soon!

Coming updated post & maybe a new website!

Stay tuned & thanks for your patience!!

In the meantime, check out my Events & Classes page for some upcoming fun in May!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Fun with Christmas Trees Pt. 1

I had a great group last night for the "adults only" Christmas Tree canvas class! I even had my first guy join us! I love how everyone's turned out so different & all seemed to have a great time!

Part 2: Next Saturday morning I will do the same class but with Mom's & kids! Should be fun!
(There's still a few seats left too! You can register HERE.)
I may try to do another one in December for those that couldn't make this one. Leave a comment if you're interested in coming!

Saturday, October 31, 2015


There's still time & still room to join me for this whimsical Christmas Tree Canvas!

(Adults Only Class)
Oh Christmas Tree
Mixed Media Canvas

Come create a unique 6x18 Christmas Tree canvas from paper & paint! All art supplies, a light snack & non-alcoholic beverages supplied.
Feel free to BYOB, but you must be 21 or older to drink alcohol.
Class size is limited to 20 painters! So sign up early to save your spot!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Successful Art Fest

I can't believe I haven't posted about what a wonderful 2-day event the 4th Annual Larkspur Harvest & Craft Fest was a couple of weeks back in September until now! 
That's just craziness!

Set-up on Saturday was a huge success thanks to the help of my parents & sister's family! I couldn't have gotten 2 tents set up in time without them! Especially in the crazy wind we had that day! Thank god for sandbag weights on the tents!

Yes, I said tents! I had so many large pieces this year, that I had to borrow a 2nd tent from a friend! (Thanks Kathleen!)
Last year, at the same event, I sold several pieces to friends & family with only one, what I call my first "Stranger Sale!" (Thanks to Lisa Douris for that! LOL)
This year, I only sold 5 pieces to friends! The other dozen or so pieces went to "strangers or acquaintances" & I even have an appointment with one of those couples tomorrow to look at more of my work! 
In addition to selling my work, I had a ton of interest in my party plans & class schedules! I really hope to turn my passion for sharing & teach art into a sustainable career some day very soon! It was wonderful to meet so many people interested in learning from me!
I feel so blessed to have had such a successful event!

It was an absolutely beautiful weekend & I thank everyone that stopped by, bought something or just said hello! It was wonderful to chat with all of you & I hope to see you at a future party or class!


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Painting Like an Artist

I am so stinking excited!
The hubby has graciously allowed me to sign up for another class!
I know what you're thinking...I take classes all the time! But this one is different! Those others are all online. This one is AT the ARTIST'S STUDIO in North Carolina!! I get to meet & learn IN PERSON from this lovely lady...

That's Donna Downey (and her cool hubby Bill), in her studio in Charlotte, NC & I get to go there in late August to take a class called "Paint Like an Artist." 
I know it's going to be AMAZING, as I have taken so many online classes from her & loved every one of them. She's funny, sweet & so very talented! I can't wait for August to roll around!! LOL

Even when I am not taking a class from her, her work inspires me...
I started this piece a few days ago & hope to finish it up by next week. But it was inspired by Donna's piece here:
You can buy this poster here
I don't know if I will blend my colors as much as hers, but I thought it was very cool & I had just ordered the stencil of the woman from her while we were on vacation - a huge one perfect for canvases like this one!
So wish me luck in finishing this piece & continuing to to find inspiration from all around, especially from this talented lady!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Finding Inspiration

I haven't been feeling very inspired to spend time in my studio lately & I think this photo is the reason why...
My corner is a disaster & you don't even want to see the rest of the studio! UGH! 
While I have managed to get in there & play a little bit, I find myself getting started on something & then setting it aside to start on something else. Only to set that aside & start another project! What does this lead to? A bunch of "works in progress!" LOL 
When I struggle like this, I turn to artists I admire, home catalogs & magazines or Etsy & Pinterest to find my inspiration!
Inspired by Prismatic Art on Etsy
I started this one 3-4 months ago & just put another layer on it this morning! Luckily it needs to dry before I add any more, so that gave the opportunity to start this one...
Loosely inspired by artist on Pinterest, Stricher Gerard
I saw this color palette in an abstract on Pinterest & decided to give it a go. Kind-of cool. Not sure if it's my style yet...
Grandinroad catalog
This one was inspired by a piece of metal art I saw in a catalog. It had a vase of flowers popping off the canvas. I might do that with some tissue paper I think. I really like how the background has turned out & might see if I can duplicate it for a class.
And lastly, when I feel like I'm in a slump, I sign up for yet another online class with one of my favorite artists, Donna Downey! This class is all about working in a series by doing 10 canvases in 10 days. I started the first one last week, but haven't done the next one...
Donna Downey class
I had a great time with this one & it reminded me how much I enjoy collage as one of my layers on canvas!
Do you ever get in a creative slump? If so, how do you get out of it?
That's it for today...hoping to get in my studio this afternoon & clean it up! for some reason that always inspires me to create!