Friday, May 29, 2009

G'Day from Down Under!

G'Day everyone!
Here I am posting from half-way around the world!
Yep, I am in the Southern Hemisphere; specifically, the resort town of Cairns in Northern Queensland, Australia!

We boarded the plane in Denver at 5pm on Weds. evening & after a gruelling 18hrs on 3 different planes & roughly 5 hours in various airports, we arrived in sunny Cairns just after 10 am on Friday! Actually, the 12 hr leg of the flight from SFO to Auckland wasn't as terrible as we thought, but the final 5 hour flight was a little tough! We were all getting a little wiggy & ready to jump from the plane the last hour or so! It probably would have helped if I had slept more, but the onboard entertainment was too enticing! Over 72 movies, more tv, books, music & games! I never even picked up my book!

We all made the dreaded mistake of falling asleep before dinner yesterday & awoke in the middle of the night wide awake - nothing that a sleeping pill couldn't cure! i was up before dawn & grabbed my camera & walked down to the Esplanade to capture the sunrise!

Not sure what today will hold for us. It's cloudy, but hot & muggy. So rain might be in our future. We're all fairly tired still, but will head out in a bit for some breakfast & plan our day!

I was hoping to upload a photo or two, but the card reader I borrowed from my dad isn't working! Grrrrr!

Catch-ya later!

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Rachel Carlson said...

sounds so lovely, too bad bout the photos. ♥ and MISS you so much!!!