Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Redo? Hopefully re-DONE!!

I am starting to wonder what I was thinking when I agreed to make my future sister-in-law's wedding jewelry! Not that she's been a pain. It's more that the long-distance designing has been a pain! I think that if she were right here with me, we would have knocked this thing out in a week!!

But as things stand, it's taken over a month of re-do's & countless amounts of supplies (not to mention $$!). I don't know that she fully understood that I would go through tons of head & eyepins to re-do each little change she requests. It's probably my fault for not mentioning this to her, but I wanted to do this as my shower gift to her & not ask for money! Everyone keeps telling me to either tell her I need some dough or say, "this is what you're getting" & I just can't do that! I want her to get the necklace she's envisioning - it's her day & hopefully the only one she'll ever have!!

Anyway, after the last post, we tweeked it a little more (2x) & this is what I've finally come up with...I made the cluster smaller & moved it down a bit so it looked more like one with the larger crystal. She also wanted the inner necklace to have more of a dangle, so I re-did that too.

Because she's a little concerned that the cluster will be too busy for her dress, I made it removable with some small jump rings & also sent her a photo without the cluster...
Personally, I like it with the cluster as it adds a little interest to the drop, & ties in the inner necklace better. We'll see what the bride thinks though.

Next, I offered her two earring options:
These are similar to a photo she sent me. I am not crazy about the larger pearl (on the left) & will probably swap it out with a smaller one & maybe change the bi-cone crystals with round ones. But I'll wait to see if this is the design she wants. It looks nice with the necklace (the simple necklace here, but works with the clustered one too), but I like the other earring sample better...

This one uses the matching drop-crystal with only 3 beads in a cluster. I think this ties in much nicer with the necklace (if we include the drop). She has a very narrow face & long neck, so she wants more of a "lean" look & will probably go with the first one.

It's definitely been a learning experience! I think that from now on, I will just say no to these types of requests & make the finished product for Etsy! LOL!!! I will breath a big sigh of relief when it's off in the mail to her & an even bigger one when she's wearing it down the aisle!!

I'll keep ya posted as to her choices!

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