Friday, May 27, 2011

Fab Friday Giveaway from WWC!

The very lovely Tracy Porter is the guest blogger on Where Women Create today (Friday 5/27) & she is giving away an amazing prize!!! You'd be a fool not to enter this one!!!

here's a couple of my faves:
I'm not really a cross wearer, but this just appeals to me!
Always wanted a pair of C'boy boots! These are nice & broken in!
I have absolutely NO place in my house for these two pieces, but I LOVE them!!

And, finally, from the sale section:
So, other than a little blog surfing this morning, I am hoping to finish cleaning house in prep for the Holiday weekend full of BBQ's by noon today! 
One of my bestie's b-day is today & I got totally inspired yesterday to make her something fabulous! (Luckily I have all weekend to get it done before her BBQ on Monday!!) My goal is to spend the entire afternoon in my room crafting - which I haven't done in SOOOOO long! An hour here or there just doesn't cut it! LOL!

I promise to post pix of all of Maggie's shenanigans over the last week & more of this project when it's all said & done. (Since my girlfriend reads this occasionally, you will all have to wait until Monday afternoon to see the finished product so I don't spoil the surprise!!)

Have a wonderful Holiday Weekend!!!
Thanks to all our men & women who serve this country to keep us all safe from the crazy people! :)

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