Tuesday, July 26, 2011

WANTED: Vintage Veggie Stand...

Hi all!
I am hoping that one of you "junkers" out there that check in now & again can tell me the "official" name of this great little stand I saw at an antique mall the other day, that was of course marked NFS!! I would love to find something like this, but not sure what's original use was. Any guesses?

 The shelves are slanted & slightly ventilated on the sides. There's a handle in the middle divider on the top for easy transport...

The little "label" at the bottom was simply an image of fruit, which leads me to believe it's some sort of fruit stand, but can't find it with a simple "vintage metal fruit stand/bin" search.

Any help on what this thing is called or what it was used for might help! Thanks!

More life & crafting news soon!

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