Sunday, February 10, 2013

Creating an Attention Grabber!

I created this Gypsy Art Book as a kit commitment for Altered Pages & decided that it would be a great submission piece to Somerset Studios too!
not on the site yet, but soon!
{I promise to post more pix once Jean has it listed on the site!}

Somerset has an issue submission about bringing a storybook character to life & since I was somewhat inspired by 2 storybook gypsies (Victor Hugo's Esmeralda in The Hunchback of Notre Dame & Roux from Joanne Harris' Chocolat), I decided to submit my book! We'll see if they use it! I have seen that sometimes they also publish the pieces of mail they receive that are decorated or catch their attention. So I decided to decorate the crap out of the Priority Mail box I used to send in my book & see what happens! 
{It was quite messy, so I didn't get any pictures of the process, sorry!}
 First, I taped the top of the box with regular packing tape along the middle seam & the edges, leaving the bottom open so I could insert my book later. Then I gesso'd the entire box (except the bottom, cuz I wasn't going to paint that) & let that dry overnight.
Then I pulled out my Gelli Plate!
I had watched Carolyn Dube use hers on a candy box online the other day & I wanted to try it! 
Well, my attempts at pressing the box onto the Gelli didn't turn out so hot! So, just when I was about to give up...I lifted my Gelli off the table & flipped it ONTO the box instead! The results were a somewhat distressed Gelli print! PERFECT! 
Then I used a Crafter's Workshop floral stencil that I just ordered from Altered Pages to spray a red-pink Maya Mist all over the box. 
After that, I just layered the many different paints I had used in the book with my fingers, rubber stamps, bubble wrap & an art-text stencil & of course, adding an image of the same gypsy that was on the cover of my book!

 When all the layers were dry, I went to work with my paint pen - adding Zentangle inspired lettering & doodles!
When all that was dry, I finished it off with a satin varnish to protect it a little in the mail.
It was so much fun to do & it only took me a few hours with drying time & it was off in the mail the next day! 
Next time I promise to either take pix as I go along or maybe I'll try a video! 


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Daniella said...

I think it is so awesome!!
I was going to send something for story book, but the call ended on the 15th and I couldn't get it in :)
I am really sad about it too!!!
Good luck!!