Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Journey Continues...Finding Balance

Because I am trying to finish up this Living Canvas class before it expires, I am working through the journaling rather quickly! So, even though the class is set up with weekly journaling exercises & then translations in our art journals, I have done most of the writing already & am just ready to play with my artistic translations! That said, my post yesterday was all of week 1 & I have begun week 2 today! YAY!

Our journey for this week is all about Balance in our lives & the 6 F's: Fitness, Friends, Finance, Fun, Family & Faith. We did an exercise to rate how balanced we feel in the 6 areas on a wheel & boy was my wheel wonky! No driving on this baby! Lots of areas are out of balance for me! After we figured out the highs & lows, Art asked us to make a list of goals for each area to reach a more even balance among the 6.

Today, I followed along with Christy's video for the most part, but added a little bit of my own spin to it. She also began with "Finance", where as I began with Friends since the page just spoke to me in that way. I only got one done today though...5 more to go!
The background was first covered with tissue paper for texture & then modeling paste was applied with 2 circle stencils & more circles stamped on top of that. 
I made the flowers from some doilies & the stems are tissue paper; with a couple of brads & a bingo piece for the centers of the flowers.
Then I added little boxes of text with some goals for balancing the friends area in my life. 

To me, the flowers represent the growth in friendships & that if you don't nurture them, they'll die. {Of course, it takes two to keep a friendship alive, but we already touched a little on that yesterday!! But I did handwrite on this page - "Friendships should grow, not die"}

I promise I won't share EVERYthing I write in my journal, as it IS a super personal process! But it is also very therapeutic to write things here as well! So I hope you'll forgive me if I rant or go on about one topic or another!
Maybe I'll share a little more next time! LOL!


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