Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sharing my passion...

I can't begin to express the joy I feel when I am able to share my passion with others & teach them the techniques that I have come to love in creating my own canvases! The other night, I did just that by teaching a group of friends how to create this canvas during a "Mixed Media Mama's" night at my place:
It's so amazing to watch others take the techniques & create their own visions of the project! Even with a few glitches in tools, these ladies were amazing!
Deione & Charity having some fun!
Gabrielle thinking outside the box with a red background!
Working on the backgrounds
Rachel & Gabrielle at work
 (I am bummed to say I didn't get a final shot of Rachel's - she worked on 3 canvases simultaneously! I promise to get a pic from her when they are on her bedroom wall!)
Charity created a beautiful blended background for her trees!
Bev & Maria getting ready for the next step...
And Maria dives in!
Barb & her daughter Keri hard at work!
Michele & one other "student" ventured into different techniques.
It make she feel proud of my students & honestly, proud of myself when I see their pieces coming together! I think to myself, "I taught them that!" It's such an amazing feeling!!!
Bev's beautiful canvas!
Gabrielle, Barb, Keri & Charity's amazing works!
Rebecca, Michele & Maria's gorgeous pieces!
And of course, we had to get the kiddos into the act…no sitter? no problem! These two hung out on their own while we painted & didn't get into the act until later…
Bev's daughters playing along!
Don't you just love the colors & the freedom of their work? Their mom told me that they were inspired to pull some paint & canvases out at home the next morning as well.
I am blessed!


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