Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Successful Art Fest

I can't believe I haven't posted about what a wonderful 2-day event the 4th Annual Larkspur Harvest & Craft Fest was a couple of weeks back in September until now! 
That's just craziness!

Set-up on Saturday was a huge success thanks to the help of my parents & sister's family! I couldn't have gotten 2 tents set up in time without them! Especially in the crazy wind we had that day! Thank god for sandbag weights on the tents!

Yes, I said tents! I had so many large pieces this year, that I had to borrow a 2nd tent from a friend! (Thanks Kathleen!)
Last year, at the same event, I sold several pieces to friends & family with only one, what I call my first "Stranger Sale!" (Thanks to Lisa Douris for that! LOL)
This year, I only sold 5 pieces to friends! The other dozen or so pieces went to "strangers or acquaintances" & I even have an appointment with one of those couples tomorrow to look at more of my work! 
In addition to selling my work, I had a ton of interest in my party plans & class schedules! I really hope to turn my passion for sharing & teach art into a sustainable career some day very soon! It was wonderful to meet so many people interested in learning from me!
I feel so blessed to have had such a successful event!

It was an absolutely beautiful weekend & I thank everyone that stopped by, bought something or just said hello! It was wonderful to chat with all of you & I hope to see you at a future party or class!


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