Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 39 of The Alice Project

I spent the afternoon at my mom & dad's yesterday & managed to get Alice's body formed/stuffed. I used 16g wire for the armeture, foil to fill in the wire so that I can bake her later & then old nylons to wrap over the wire. This allowed me to bend her into the position of climbing through the glass of her box.

It was easy to do, but time consuming since I was dealing with the distractions of Maggie & our dog Tula visiting grandmas for the first time! But it got done. I was so mad at myself though - I completely forgot to grab the PM out of the fridge! So I wasn't able to start sculpting! Grrr!

After the Magpie went to bed last night, I began laying the paper mache onto my form for Alice. I had a little difficulty keeping her in the foam block I set up to help me - the leg wires kept poking through! Grrr! And the PM didn't want to stick to the nylon very well. I think that in hindsight, the traditional paper-strip method would have been easier for this project. Oh well, live & learn right?!

She is now resting nicely on my desk, drying naturally. But I think later today I will pop her in the oven to speed things along. I can't start on my shadow box until a few things I ordered online arrive, so it's just a waiting game today.

Mom, Kim & I are going to check out a local store in Castle Rock, Sassafrassa, to see if we can afford to rent some space to sell our Scrap-a-Teeny Girl creations. Wish us luck! We need to move some stuff so we can afford to make more! Our Etsy listings have expired, but we haven't put more up because we're not sure that that venue is working for our medium. We'll see.

Project: 30% complete
Deadline: 10/1
Days remaining: 39

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Rachel Carlson said...

it's coming along great, go beck, GO!!!