Sunday, August 30, 2009

Taking Shape

After a little more research on doll making & some trial & error with the paper mache, I believe my Alice is starting to take the form of a doll!

I decided to make 2 heads - one with sculpted features (to the left) & one with no features (above) because I have this image in my head of painting the face in a little bit of an avatar/Japanese style, but I don't know if I can pull it off with out having to resurface the head to paint over what I screwed up! Ugh! It's always the first try at something that makes you so timid!!

Either way, working with Activa's CelluClay is fabulous! So much better than the strips of paper in the glue mess! AND it can be sped-dry in the oven! So instead of days, it only takes hours (depending on the thickness of the layers). Simply fab when you're on a deadline!

As the heads are "cooking," I am forming the lower half of the legs & trying to figure out how to do the hands. I don't think I can do the fingers that small in the CelluClay, but I might try it anyway. I desperately wish I had a doll push mold, but in some ways I think that's cheating!

Well, off to enjoy a glass of vino, brainstorm a little on the shadow box & then cook dinner with the hubby!

Project: 5% completed
Deadline : Still 10/1 to ship out!
Days remaining: 40

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