Friday, March 26, 2010

Maggie-filled Day #1

I meant to get this post up last week, but as usual, LIFE got in the way!
(**NOTE: I apologize up front for any formatting issues!! If anyone out there has a better blog template/site to work with, please let me know! I am still having issues w/placement of text & picts here & find it very frustrating that what I see is not what publishes!)
With the weather being absolutely gorgeous last week, we took advantage of some time outside on St. Patrick's Day & headed to the Denver Zoo with some friends...

This is Julia with Chloe (aka Coco)
& Maggie with Julia's other daughter, Reese (aka Mo). I love that Julia's such a laid back parent & her kids are really sweet!
We had a great time roaming the park with them!

Some of our favorites:

Maggie does her elephant impression for me!

I wonder if you were to be in an area with a bunch of real Magpies, if they would be hamming it up like my Magpie?!!! At the end of our day, we stopped for some ice cream before leaving the zoo & Maggie was busy giving herself ice cream lips & asking me to take her picture over & over & over...

I especially love this one...It the "maybe I should do it all over again" look!

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