Thursday, April 1, 2010

Another Maggie-Filled Day

Right after St. Patrick's Day, we got a ton of snow, so of course, we have to go play!
There's just something about a little kid in their snow-gear sitting in the snow that makes me smile. They seem so small all bundled up like the Michelin Man, barely able to put their arms down at their sides! and nothing beats plopping down into the snow to make a few snow angels - although Maggie hates it when the snow goes down her neck, so she won't always bless us with an angel! But really, her favorite thing to do when it's snowed like this? EAT SNOW!  Every time I turned around, she had a mound of snow in her hands pressed up to her face! And later that day, she would run outside to fill a container with snow to eat while we watched a movie! At one point, I was in my studio working, and she brought me some snow soup, aptly decorated with the cupcake sprinkles she found in the cupboard! She's a resourceful little girl! (I found sprinkles for days after that all over the house in little piles!!)

It was great snow for building a snowman, but we just didn't have the energy for a very big or defined man! So, this is Maggie putting the finishing touches on our little guy & giving him a great big hug!


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karl said...

what have you done with her wintercoat she is wearing here now she is grown out of it?