Monday, January 31, 2011

Stampin' the Day Away!

My poor Magpie was sick with a high fever (102!) & headache for the WHOLE weekend. I spent so much time hanging out with her this weekend, browsing all the creative blogs online while she rested, that I had all these ideas buzzing in my head! I had big plans to "get my craft on" first thing this morning!! So when morning rolled around, I knew that even though she was acting like herself again, I couldn't send her to school because she needed to be fever-free for 24 hrs (school policy).
Can you say "BUMMER?"

But, she was so great today! Playing & watching movies & "wrecking" the house AND letting mommy "work" for the better part of the day!!! Boy did I get a lot done!!

One of the ideas I had was to create a bunch of tag sets to sell in The Scrap-a-Teeny shop
I pulled out all the stamps that I own, some plain paper & tons of ink & started scheming! I had a great time pairing images & playing with layering techniques ALL. DAY. LONG.
Such fun!!!
I haven't had a day like this (by myself!) in ages!
{Thank you Maggie! I love you even more today - if that's possible?!?!}

I hope I get to do some more tomorrow, but school's closed due to CRAZY blow freezing temps (wind chills -35!!) here in Denver! And, I don't think I can "ignore" my kiddo for 2 days in a row!! But keep your fingers crossed I get a little time in my studio! Maybe I can bribe her with some playtime at the gym & her own crafting project...hmmmm, the wheels are turning already!

Here's a glimpse of the sets I did...
Message in a Bottle Set

The Journey is the Reward set

Gotta Have Vision set

Wonderful You set

Cupid's Arrow set

See you soon!

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