Friday, July 20, 2012

a little vacation, part 1

We recently traveled to the beautiful Pacific Northwest, specifically, the state of Washington!
What a gorgeous state!! 
My hubby was set to climb Mt. Rainier the weekend before July 4th, so Maggie & decided to tag along! We spent a few days touring around Seattle & then headed up to Ashford & Mt. Rainier National Park...
sunset view of the space needle near our hotel
space needle thru the entrance to the emp museum
 Of course we had to do touristy things, like the Space Needle & the Aquarium
maggie touching creatures in the tide pools
Maggie must have spent an hour just touching everything she could in the tide pools! This aquarium is so beautiful! It's a must when you visit Seattle!
We stayed in the beautiful area of Lake Union, which was quiet with some nice restaurants around the lake...
maggie by the fountain down at the docks
sunset one night on lake union
view from our room of lake union in evening
boats at the wonderful wooden boat center
The day we went up into the Space Needle was cloudy & rainy, but the next day (of course!) was beautiful, so we headed to Discovery Park & the beach!
me 'n mags on the beach
cool lighthouse

see sawing on the beach!
One of the most glorious views was this...
Mt. Rainier
It doesn't look real, right? This mountain is so huge it just dominates the landscape when she graces the city with her presence! We were told that she doesn't come out of the clouds very often!
We didn't have time to visit THE market the day we were down there, so I escaped on our last morning in Seattle & headed down on my own! **BLISS**
I was in awe! If I had access to a market like this everyday, I'd be a much healthier person!!



Because I was there to early in the morning, most of the vendors were still setting up their spaces. So, I didn't get to see any of the famous "flying fish" at the Seattle Fish Co. (They fling the fish back & forth when someone buys them!),  nor did I get to see any of the handmade vendor's wares. It was a wonderful morning wandering alone through the market with my camera & my coffee!

Check back in tomorrow when I share a few images from Mt. Rainier National Park & the little town of Ashford!

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