Tuesday, July 31, 2012

One Little, Two Little, THREE Little FISHES!

Maggie's got the fishing-fever!

We're up at our family cabin with my sister, Kim & my nephew, Jake & her in-laws, Lance & Annette. Lance likes to fish, so he was kind enough to show Maggie how to cast yesterday morning & even though she didn't catch anything, she LOVED it! But the real "FEVER" hit later that day when one of our neighbors, Tommy, stopped by to take her back down to the lake to try some more...
He spent a few hours with her down at the lake up the road from our cabin & he was so wonderful with her - super patient, letting her try to cast a few times & then helping her get the line out there. One time, she actually casted alone further out than Tommy's line! While we were watching & taking pix, she got lucky...

"Look mom!!! I caught one all on my own!!"
"I wanna hold it for a sec & then let it go!"
 Bye, bye little fishy!
 After a few more minutes, we left them to their fishing for a little longer while we went back to get dinner started...
and apparently, that's when she got REALLY lucky, because this is what she came home with...
 Her proud catch!

 Getting ready for the grill...my sister doesn't like fish - not even to look at them, so the photo below is a giant step for her: placing lemons inside the fish while I capture it! (She was even brave enough to take a TINY bite offered by Jake during dinner! YAY!)

Thanks little fishies...you were a great addition to our steak dinner last night! And, a BIG THANKS to Tommy for taking her AND letting her borrow the rod for a few more days! What a sweetheart!!

That's it for now! We're just chilling here in the mountains, enjoying all the peace & quiet & cooler temps!

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