Monday, July 1, 2013

Wildflowers or Weeds?

Since I am taking this online class with Junelle Jacobson, "Wild Art Summer", & wildflowers are a big part of the class, I decided to roam the backyard early this tell me - Are these Wildflowers or Weeds?
I wonder if this is like Baby's Breath?
This one makes me think of Buttered Popcorn!
A purple bell of some kind...
TINY yellow bells...
Pretty Yellow Flower - only one little "bush" in the yard!

 Grasses & wheat-type plants...
And, I know this one is Thistle, but the flowers are quite pretty!
A lady bug was so kind to visit this morning!
What do you think?

See ya soon!

1 comment:

trisha too said...

These are all wildflowers to me, Becky. I have a tendency to let everything grow, until it proves itself a nuisance.

(Hedge Parsley, you will never fool me again with those sweet little flowers!!!)