Sunday, January 12, 2014

Happy New Year - a little late!!

Once again, time has gotten away from me & best laid plans of keeping up with my blog went awry! But here I am with a little re-cap of our December...
Right after Thanksgiving, we took our annual trip to Maui. It was a wonderful week, as usual! 
I admit though, I didn't take a ton of photos this trip! 
Maybe it's a case of "been-there-done-that" or that I simply wanted to "see" for myself instead of living through the lens like I usually do!
Maggie & I did take a few selfies on the plane though, & this is my favorite:
She also took this one of me & I just love it! (It's hard to be happy with a photo of yourself!!)
After we got back, the Holiday craziness set in!
We hosted Christmas Eve at our house…nice to finally have the room for everyone in an actual dining room! It was a wonderful evening with family (including Ms. Potts - our good friend who has become "framily" this year!)
table scape inspired by Pinterest
oops! forgot to change the depth of field! sorry honey!
Ms. Potts & Maggie
Just a funny collage…what happens when your daughter...
gets ahold of the camera at the end of the evening:
The next day, we enjoyed our first Christmas at home in many years with no traveling!!
Santa was very good to the Magpie this year...
"open, open, open!"
{Kit, Maggie's American Girl doll, had to go to the "doll hospital" for a broken arm just before Christmas, poor thing. Luckily she arrived just in time to get all "dolled up" in her matching PJ's with Maggie for Christmas Eve/morning!} 
the overflowing stockings left by Santa!
Maggie discovers the "paperwork" before the toy!
Santa comes through with Zoomer!
After our little celebration at home, we headed over to Kim's (my sister) for the rest of the gift orgy…lasting for several hours!!
here's Martha's, I mean, Kim's tree!
Nick playing dog whisperer to the new pup, Sophie
Maggie helping keep up with the trash
And if all the other gifts she received (books, stuffed animals, art stuff & more) weren't enough, Grandma & Auntie HAD to add just ONE more…
hugging the BOX!
The American Girl Doll of 2013 - Saige!! She was over-the-moon!! Although we missed Nick's brothers & their families, not to mention Pat, it was a wonderful day with my family.
A few days after Christmas, it was off again to visit my brother-in-law's wife's family in Los Alamos, New Mexico (the Magpie kept telling everyone we were going to Mexico!)! We had a wonderful few days with them exploring the area & a great dinner in Santa Fe on New Years Eve. Can't wait to go back when they are they there this spring & explore some more!
"I'm the Queen of the world!"

It was a nice visit & we got to spend lots of quality time with this adorable little girl…our niece, Ally, who will be 1 in just a couple of weeks…

That's it for the December re-cap…I hope to check in again in a couple of days to tell you all the exciting things I have planned for 2014!


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