Sunday, October 5, 2014

Class Fun: Barns & Poppy fields

On Friday, 9/26, I held a small class to paint a barn & poppy field scene on a 12x12 canvas. During the Larkspur Autumn Harvest Fest, I had a raffle for 1 spot in the class & the winner brought 2 of her cousins to round out the class of 5! We had a great time & I really enjoyed working with these ladies! It is always fun to see how different everyone's scenes turn out! Thanks ladies for coming & making it such a wonderful night!
Brenda, Barbara & Kathy hard at work!
Bev & Charity working on their barns!
Barbara's finished canvas
Bev's finished canvas
Brenda's finished canvas
Charity's finished canvas - she always takes it in another direction! :)
Kathy's finished canvas
Happy painters!
I am currently working on my next class which I think is going to be a two day event! I am hoping to make the first day an "intuitive" painting day, where we will cover our canvases with many different marks & lots of paint & see what images pop out for us. These paintings below were all done intuitively…
Then on the second day, students will have the opportunity to work more on their intuitive piece or do the Aspens like this one…
Aspens in Fall
I am still working out pricing, but the dates for the classes are the evenings of November 7th & 8th. If you would like me to send you more information when I have it all planned out, please contact me at


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