Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Monday!

I don't think most of us think of Monday as "Happy" days.
After all, it's the day that most head back to work or school. But today was an exceptionally nice & happy Monday for me, especially after a busy weekend with in-laws in town!!

Nothing too out of the ordinary today, except that I (should say we, because mom & Kim were there too) made a new friend today. Her name is Nancy Glass & she is a fellow crafter (you can visit her website HERE)! She first bumped into mom & Kim a few weeks ago at Hobby Lobby. They got to talking about selling our crafty stuff & her crafty stuff & info was exchanged.

CardArtByNancy (this will be her Etsy name when she's up!)
Nancy is a super nice lady & feels like an old friend already! She makes wonderful cards & sells them in local shops, but is wanting to list them on Etsy. That's where I came in! You see, mom & Kim put way too much faith in my ability to run our little Etsy shop & talked up those abilities to Nancy. So, of course she wanted some pointers & I was happy to share what little knowledge I have of Etsy! We all spent a lovely breakfast getting to know each other at SNOOZE this morning & then I popped open my laptop to show her a few things about Etsy. I certainly hope that I didn't fill her head with too much from bouncing around the Etsy site & talking of all the social media sites & blogs out there!! In the end, we all agreed to get together soon to craft & talk some more!!

Afterward, I came home to catch up on some pix for my Creative Cuts & More post (I still haven't finished my Marie book, but I had to post what have done for tomorrow), as well as take some of the tin I did in our first Art Group meeting last Tuesday! Here's what I made during our day of crafting...
I'm calling it "Johnny's lost his head!"

We had such a blast pulling these little tins together! It was great to see all the different ideas come together! (I'll post a link to some other pix as soon as I get it from my fellow group member!) And, I believe some of us found a new obsession!! I have ideas for a ton more of these little tins!! I haven't decided whether I am going to sell this one or not.

Then as I was driving home, I got a nice little evite to a friends b-day breakfast in a couple of weeks! (You know who are!! Thanks!!)

That's all that made my Monday a happy one!
Tomorrow I am spending the day with my wonderful gal-pal Shirley at IKEA (she hasn't been yet!) & probably try to craft a little before Maggie comes home from school.
And, hopefully on Wednesday evening I will get to have dinner with one of my oldest friends (way back to Kindergarten!)! That's all that's planned so far, but who knows what life will bring this week!