Friday, August 5, 2011

I didn't win, but...

After checking email, Facebook, their blog & websites all morning long,  I come to find out that I was not picked to receive 2 free passes to The Creative Connection Event.

BUT, my hubby said we could swing the cost for me to go!!! 
{{Doing a little jig right now!!}}

I am sooooo thrilled to be attending this amazing conference! I just registered for my panels & classes minutes ago! (Sad to say one of the one's I wanted was already closed! That's what happens when you wait too long to register!) My hotel reservations are made & now I just have to figure out how to use my miles to get my flight booked!!

Here's a look at the classes I'm going to take:
Dream Big Art Journal
This just looks like an amazing intro into art journalling, with a twist - it's all about business & goals! I am hoping this process will take me in new directions! (the 1st part of this class is the one I missed out on, but she said we can take them separately.)  

Photography for Knitters & Craft Bloggers
  • Photography for Knitters & Craft Bloggers with Gale Zucker.
I am always struggling with the best way to shoot our completed work for Scrap-a-Teeny Girls, so I am hoping this will give me some insight & allow me to be faster at posting stuff!

Romancing the Wristlet
This looks like an amazing little jewelry adventure!! I love the vintage vibe!

Studio Alchemy w/Laurie Meseroll
Not entirely my style, but I am super excited to learn her techniques!!

In addition to all the classes, the first day is full of informational panels about social networking, marketing & more!
I just can't wait & wish so much that my mom & sis could go with me!! But I promise to share all my new crafty-business knowledge with them & hopefully a few trinkets too!!

I hope that I'll have the chance to take pix & blog about it along the journey!!

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