Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Please Pick Me! I'm going through a mid-life crisis!

Dream Big Business Art Journal Class by Traci Bautista
I have been drooling over the amazing workshop event that is The Creative Connection for over a year now! After seeing what it was all about through the web last year, I knew that I wanted to attend it this year! But alas, money is tight & time is running out!
So, I am blogging about this for two reasons - first & foremost - because they TOLD me to blog about it to get 5 more entries to WIN 2 FREE PASSES for the weekend event in September & second of all, that's what we bloggers are supposed to do, right? Right!

There are several reasons I want to attend an event like this one...
One is that we (my mom, sis & I) have been struggling to be found in our little online/Etsy biz & I believe that this type of event would be an amazing learning tool with all of their panels throughout the weekend to teach me how to discover & fine tune your goals, & market our wares better through Etsy, social media & more!

Second, I think I am going through a mid-life crisis! {My husband is smack in the middle of his! HIS vice? Mountain climbing - not just ordinary hiking, but roping in & climbing crazy stuff with snow, ice & NO oxygen! He's off to Ecuador in December to climb 3 (YES, THREE!) 20,000+ peaks!!}
MY mid-life crisis is so much more tame! I want to CREATE ALL THE TIME! I want to either go back to school for some art training or I just want to try new art techniques NOW! So, this event is the PERFECT venue for this because I can dabble in any number of mediums for a fraction of the cost of actually going back to school! And, learn from those that I already admire for their passion & work! And, it's all in one weekend!

Thirdly,  you get to meet with all these artistic "celebs" that have made their artistic passion their careers! Imagine asking those that you admire most, "how'd you do it & still have a life?" Their insight could be such a powerful tool!!

And last but not least, all the AMAZING loot they giveaway & what I am sure is to be a lollapalooza of a market place to shop in!!! I had already figured a good amount of $$ would be set aside for that if I were to go!!

So, it they were to pick me, I would be ever so humbly thankful for the enrichment it will bring to my mid-life crisis!! Wish me luck & keep your fingers crossed for me!!

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