Friday, March 27, 2009


My brain is fried! My eyes are dry & I am so done with the computer today!

I (and others) perceive myself to be quite savvy on the computer, including web stuff & most photo editing & such. But I have spent the better part of the day editing photos of projects & uploading them to Flickr & I am fried! I know that if I hadn't had the constant interruption of my little Magpie, then I probably would be doing something a lot more fun right now - like painting my new tool box for my desk! But instead, I just now finished posting some slide-shows onto my blog, Maggie is finally in bed for a rest & I still need to get my act together & send my latest design submission to GCD Studios! Whew! Can we say "diarreah of the mouth!"

I still want to spice up this blog with a little more moxie, but haven't had the time to read the book yet! But I have faith, that once everything is in place the way I want it, these design team calls, creative challenges & all the other things I want to do to try to get published &/or get on a team will be so much easier! I have complete faith in my talent & my ability to bang out the work I need to, but lordy! Getting it all set up is very taxing!!

Yet, I finish this entry with my mantra for the day: "I KNOW I will not be spending any extra time dealing with Flickr after today & that I will be able to grab my camera, snap the shots I need & "whiz, bang, boom!" they will be there for all to see! And I KNOW that I WILL be able to blog & add gadgets with the blink of an eye very, very soon. And I KNOW that my Magpie will soon understand that I am working, but will always make time for her (when I'm through, of course! LOL)."

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Rachel Carlson said...

just breathe, in through the nose, out through the mouth. HUGE hugs and see you soon! ♥ rach