Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm here, now what?

Hmmmm, now that I've joined the Land of Blog, what sort of musings might you expect from me?

Maybe a little fodder about my 3 year-old daughter, Maggie & her daily torturing of the new dog, Tula?
Or maybe a little relationship blurb about my hubby, Nick of 10 years?
What about a some witty tale I've dreamed up for Maggie?
Or possibly my musings on what creative outlet I am exploring today?
But most likely, a simple paragraph or two about what the day has brought me?

Let's start with that...
I am in the middle of a colossal plate! You know, the one that you always have too much on? I'm talking about the largest serving platter in your cupboard, not a simple salad plate! Mine is full of preschool days, craft room re-organizing, making new friends, party planning, hubby-time, designing, crafing, shopping, cooking, cleaning & all the little "leftovers" that I keep piling on my platter! Right now, I am stretched between party-planning, making new friends & re-organizing! Luckily, the 3 go together quite nicely!

I finally managed to convince my hubby that we didn't need a guest room anymore since we only have 2 or 3 guests a year. And, that if I could take over that room for my crafting studio, then I would be a much happier wife & mommy! So, with a little help from family & a great new friend, on my way to being super-organized & ready to create! What a treat it is to have my own space at last! I look forward to spending every free moment in that room!

As for the party planning, I just finished a little family soire for my daughters 3rd b-day. Who knew that a toddler's birthday could take so much time & energy! By the time I finished making cupcakes & goodie bags for school; I turned around & did the same for our little party at home. With a handful of adults coming over & a smaller number of toddlers, I had to have plenty of food, drink & fun on hand for all! I think I spent more on food for barbequing than we did on Maggie! Next year, it's pizza & 2 hours of kids only!

Now it's my turn! My birthday is tomorrow & I am planning my own party! Sad, I know, but someone has to do it! My hubby is skiing with his brothers (it was either Maggie's weekend or mine - I can forgive him a little easier for missing my b-day than a 3 year-old might!). Hence, the perfect weekend to have a girls nite IN! (Although hubby will be spoiling some of the fun by coming home the evening of the party, he has graciously volunteered to make himself scarce for a few hours!) So, I have been busy trying to come up with outrageous decorations, food & a costume for a Totally 80's Girls Nite (inspired by my new friend). Who knew that finding something to wear would be so tough! I totally want to do the "punk" thing since I was more of a "preppy" in the 80's, but I am having a hard time finding the edge I want! I will probably end up going for the easy Flashdance motif of the cut sweatshirt & legwarmers! Ugh! I spent the day at the Goodwill & a few thrift stores, but nothing felt right. I'll try again tomorrow! More on that later!

Other than that, I enjoyed a nice evening with my new friend, who is helping me organize my studio. We mused over some great Chinese that it is so rare to find a friend at our age that you just connect with. I have several friends from childhood who allow me to be me, & sometimes it ain't pretty! But, as I've gotten older, I can't seem to make that connection with new people. I always feel that I can't share all my trials & tribulations without coming off as negative or needy or that it's simply too much info for a new friend & so you end up just being aquaintences. Oh, sure, you get together for dinners, movies & such, but there is always that uncomfortable silence of a first date, even though this might be your 10th date! But with this new gal-pal, I felt the connection right away! I could spend hours chatting with her & never feel uncomfortable! I think that we are well on our way to being BFF's! She is a terrific person & has helped me so much with my room & my outlook!

So, let me end with a little friendship tidbit...remember when we were young & we would ask someone to be our friend? Try that again the next time you meet someone you connect with. It doesn't have to be as awkward as you literally asking, but maybe mention getting a coffee or a glass of wine together sometime. Maybe you share a hobby or interest that you can do together. Whatever the venue, don't be afraid to ask, you might just make that new BFF!

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Rachel Carlson said...

LOVE your 1st post, love it! you have a great writing style and a way with words, just like you do in person. thanks for last night, the chinese was delish, it was fun. look forward to your parTAY tomorrow night, like for sure! ♥rachel