Sunday, November 17, 2013

A little "graffiti" for Christmas!

So, when we moved into our new house last November (can't believe it will have been a year in a couple weeks!), I had this crazy idea to paint a shower curtain for my daughter's bathroom instead of buying one. I was going to either paint abstract flowers all over it or write some of the words to our favorite songs…fast forward a year & I never got it done. BUT, I did have an idea for a cute & fun Christmas decoration for her bath…
I tacked a inexpensive shower curtain liner to my art wall (covered with a canvas drop cloth) & "painted" the words on it with SHOE POLISH letting it drip here & there. The red in "RED" is a fluid acrylic (I still need to go back & thicken that a bit.)! It's not perfect, but it's fun & the Magpie likes it!

Off to a birthday party in the old "hood" & hopefully putting the tree up tonight! I KNOW, it's early, but I just want to enjoy it longer this year!
Have a great Sunday!


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