Wednesday, November 13, 2013

WIP Wednesdays!

It's time for another Work in Progress Wednesday!!!
Here's what's on my desk this week:
Albeit, not started yet, but I hope to have a little time today to work on some Christmas decorations & gifts…
I want to wrap these paper mache ball ornaments in some white burlap with a french banner & red trim…
There are little wooden 3x6 trays under all that fabulous Christmas Washi tape that I hope to make into little tree wall hangings…
And finally, I found this little church birdhouse at Michaels & I am hoping to spruce it up for the next Altered Pages Challenge in December! (sorry, not giving away my plans on this one!)

I have MANY more projects underway, including the canvas I posted last week & SO little time to get things done! I hope that I can crank out a few in between obligations this week, teaching next week, Turkey Day & then off to Maui in December! I need to be one of those people that starts their Christmas projects over the summer, but it's hard to get in the mode that early! HA!

See ya next week, if not sooner!

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