Wednesday, November 6, 2013

WIP Wednesdays!

I know, I've been a bit of a blogging slacker lately!

I know I've said it before, but I honestly don't know how other artists & bloggers get it all done! Between house, PTO & family life; design obligations & just-for-fun creative time, I hardly have a minute to take a photo let alone get it edited to put up here! LOL!!

BUT, I think I might have a small solution that will keep me posting at least once a week! 
A "WIP Wednesdays" post! 
What is a "WIP Wednesdays" post you ask? Well, it's a "Work In Progress" post to show you what's on my desk, easel, workspace that week!
Hopefully I can get in a groove & take a few pics of what I've been doing each week & post it every Wednesday!
Now, I know I am not perfect & I hope that you will bare with me as I get it rolling, cuz I know I might miss a few here & there! But I thought it was worth a go!
So, without further ado…

Just a little peek at the canvas on my easel today…
Layer 1
 This is the beginning of a 18x36 canvas I am doing for my little niece, Alyssa's bedroom.
Layer 2
Of course the photo doesn't show it, but you can see some of the textured layers under the paint as well as see the raised texture of them in some areas!
I can't wait to do the next layer…a girl, some butterflies & trees!

See you next Wednesday, if not before!

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