Thursday, November 14, 2013

I made this!

Today was a lovely day away from life chores & spent with my beautiful Art Gypsies (aka art group)!

I decided to host the project this month & since the weather is getting colder, I decided we should make t-shirt scarves! I've seen these scarves in stores for $40!! We made them for under $5 with a big stash of shirts I bought at the thrift store!
I only got a pic of my first one & got too busy to take others! But you can find TONS of photos & tutorials on how to make these on Pinterest!
A bunch of 1/2"-1" strips in three gray tones to make an infinity scarf!

I also made one like this:
My sister made one like this:
Only she used one shirt with a coffee theme & cool background graphics!
Another friend made one similar to this:
And another like this:
Mom made a pretty red one like this…
I found all of these styles on Pinterest & there are some good videos on YouTube as well!
So, go ahead & give it a whirl! Super easy! Super Cute! Super Gifts!! I plan to make a few more when time allows!!


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Jean M said...

what a fun AND productive day for everyone. they are all so good looking!