Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My 1st Mixed Media Mamas!

Remember when I posted this picture?
Well, this past Friday, I taught 8 lovely ladies how to create something similar to this canvas in my very first "Mixed Media Mamas" class that I set up in my basement!

Most of the girls have taken those "Canvas & Cocktails" classes where you all paint the same thing, the same way…and a few of my students are artists as well, but had never dabbled in mixed media or layered paintings. So it was great fun to share these techniques with them!!!

We started by adding 2 layers of stencils/mark making in warm & cool colors...
Jan & Lisa playing with stencils
Kelhe concentrating...
Kelhe having fun! LOL!
Sarah speeding things along!
Tonya & Lisa acting for the camera! LOL
Jan adding texture to the sides & then speeding things along.
Erin showing off her beautiful layers!
Charity's gorgeous peacock feathers!
More of Charity's after another layer or two.
After the first 2 layers, we washed the entire surface with a thin layer of paint so that the layers were still visible underneath... 
Jan & Lisa adding a wash of color…Lisa looks worried!
Kelhe getting messy!
Tonya's beautiful wash of orange!
 After that, they played with adding some stamped images to the canvases with paint & ink...
Erin's covered in a soft yellow.
Charity blended green in with her feathers.
 Then they could add more texture with modeling paste & stencils if they desired to!
Kelhe adding some more dimension...
Very subtle!
Tonya added a little contrasting turquoise!
It was so much fun to see how different all of our work turned out & to see the release of creativity that this process brings out in people! NO rules here!!!
The quintessential group shot! Albeit, a little blurry in the back row!
Of course, since I had to show the techniques, I began a canvas (above) during class & added just a bit more after class…

It's not done, but it's a great start!
I can't wait to come up with another class idea for January!!!
If you're local & you think you might want to come, email me with your contact info & I'll be sure to put you on the Evite list!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!!

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Marjie Kemper said...

Looks like a big hit! Lots of happy artists here.