Monday, April 6, 2009


I am so excited - for a few reasons!!

1) Today, I am hanging out with my BFF, Rachel & we are going thrifting! She is the queen of thrift! I am going to be VERY good & only spend a wee bit since things are very tight these days! I am hoping to find an old metal dust pan to repurpose into a cool photo holder that I saw in Cloth, Paper, Scissor' Studios magazine. Other than that, I'm just along for the ride & her wonderful company!

2) I have made a special surprise for her, but I cant say what it is until I pass it along to her - just in case she logs in this morning! (I'll post photos later!)

And finally,
3) I am hoping to be chosed for one of the GCD slots they are announcing today. Unfortunately, I won't be home to participate in the "Party" all day, but I hope to get a call from them at some point! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

That's it for now...just a little hint for Rach if she's reading:

"Let them eat cake!"
(not really said by Marie Antoinette, but fun nonetheless!)

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Rachel Carlson said...

let them eat cake INDEED!!! thank you so much for my cupcake goodness, wowZERS, the project is brilliant, i love it! it was a great day thrifting eh. you see, you didn't need all that you put in your basket, good thing i was with you! good times and HUGE thanks for dinner later that night (last night) - rich and i had a lovely time, hope we can do it again soon. xoxo, rach