Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Under the Wire!

There's nothing like slipping a project in just under the wire!

For some reason, today I got a bug up my butt to try for a challenge on Moxie Fab World. It would really have been no big deal, if only I had decided to do this challenge say, last week when it was posted! ARGH! But no, I was too busy with other stuff to check it out more! So, today at about 6 pm, I printed my photos & set them aside. Then I went about my usual evening - fix/eat dinner, bath Maggie, do dishes, start laundry, etc. So, when I finally had the time to escape into my room, it was already 9:30pm & I had until midnight MST!!!

Well, I got it in at 12:01, so hopefully I will still qualify! I had a lot of fun working on it! The theme was "A Stitch in Time" & they really wanted us to use stitching as the focal point for the project. Most of the other submissions did cards with flowers & such as the focal point. But I decided to have a little fun with it & did a layout with Maggie & me.

The pix were taken at the park last week & she was cracking us both up! So, the title of my layout is "You Keep Me in Stitches!" with a photo of me surrounded by stitching. It may not be what they are looking for in order to be the winner, but no matter what,
it is wall-worthy in my house!

Off to bed now! I'll clean my room tomorrow!


Rachel Carlson said...

no kidding under the wire. but it's awesome! i work best under pressure too. loves!

mylaughingmagpie said...

Thanks - didn't win, again! But I love it anyway!