Thursday, April 9, 2009

Right this way to the All-You-Can-Eat Buffet!

Of course, they don't really call them "AYCE" anymore, just simply a "fixed-price-reload-your-plate deal." You know the ones - sometimes a Sunday brunch with loads of sugary confections, cook-to-order omletts & sliced roast beef. Or maybe it's the lunch buffet at your local pizzaria, Indian or Asian cafe. What about the ones that are under the guise of a Souper Salad joint??? Ya think you're eating healthy, but you always head to the pasta or desserts first! Which ever one you've chosen, your eyes are ALWAYS bigger than your stomach & you walk in with the plan to try everything you see, but never can accomplish such a task!

This entry really isn't about food, but do I believe the "eyes are bigger than my stomach" thing applies to me when I am gathering my materials to host or attend a crop!! Today was going to be a perfect crop day! I had some friends coming over around 10am; about 5 hours of uninterrupted time while Maggie was at preschool & a few more when she got home. It was going to be the day that I finished my dad's birthday mini-album - I only had 8 photos/4pgs left & then start something new, maybe a DT call or a new challenge. So, it should have been easy-peasy to get it done in say, the first 2 hours of the 6-7 hours we planned, right? WRONG!!

IT TOOK THE WHOLE TIME!!! How silly is that!!! Of course, the first hour or two were spent showing recent work, sharing ideas, catching-up, snacking & lots of me getting up & down for supplies to use/share! But, I still had 4-5 others to work, right! I just couldn't get my mojo on!! It took me one hour to do 2 photos!! Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love cropping with groups because of all the time spent sharing! But, I am usually very strict with myself when it comes to crop time! When I get those few precious hours without too much responsibility, I have the primal NEED to work! I even HATE to get up & use the restroom or make something to eat!

With all that said, even though I was at my own house, I brought ALL the supplies out that I needed to finish my little project AND start another! I DO THIS ALL THE TIME! Whether I am at home or at a store or another friends house! Why can't I see the forest for the trees? Rather, the trees IN the forest??? I need to have the ability to EDIT what I think I can accomplish & KNOW what I can in the amount of time I have! UGH! It leaves me feeling bummed about not getting my projects done! I can work quick under a deadline, but not under the fun & silliness had during a crop! NUTS! (I really do need to hang out with Rachel more so that I can learn to travel with a toolbox & a shopping bag to these things!)

Hmmmm, now that I've read what I've put down here, maybe I need to edit this a little too, hee hee!! I think I'll end it here! Nighty-night all! I will be dreaming of my next project & all the things I think I need & WILL leave behind at the next crop!!!

PS - I did get the all the photos on the pages of the mini-album & few tidbits written, but it's not done yet! Maybe in another 4-5 hours? ;-)

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Rachel Carlson said...

ACK! too bad i was too sick to come and keep you under control - tee, hee. after all, you DO accomplish a lot while i'm there, hmmmm. i should have been there to 'crack the whip' for ya - oops, sorry! better luck next time friend. loves, rach