Friday, January 8, 2010

Life Interrupted!

That is my life these days! From re-grouping for the business to go from a physical location to an online store; to catching up on laundry; to re-organizing the entire house so that I can work on the Hubby about moving to a bigger house & nicer neighborhood (he's coming around!)...I feel overwhelmed & chaotic on a daily basis!

It's so hard to focus on what's important when things are a mess, don't ya think?

My first goal was to tackle Maggie's room, which was a complete nightmare! To say that she has a lot of stuff is an understatement! I'd say that she has as many toys, books & animals as I do crafting supplies (well, not quite! {wink}) But her room was definitely over-run! And, I was tired of it bleeding into the rest of the house! Yes, it's inevitable that she will want to bring toys out to play with in order to be with all of us, but I couldn't take the messes in every room anymore! So, $200 later at the Container Store (LOVE THEM!!), she now has plenty of room to spread out & play!

I even managed to move all her art stuff in there & got rid of the easel in the family room! I still need to re-hang her dragonfly lights & re-arrange some stuff on the walls, but what a huge improvement!

Then I moved on to my studio! Another disaster!! From early October I have just been letting the various bits from business projects pile up & hadn't really had the time to put things away. So I spent all day yesterday cleaning & organizing! As soon as I'm done writing, I will finish putting some new My Minds Eye Papers in their place & I will be ready to start on the next design for the business! Boy, does that feel good! I think I can actually focus on all the ideas floating in my head!

Next on my list & in no particular order!
     1. clean walls & cupboards in the kitchen to finally re-paint it in a new theme. I'm so over the textured yellow in there!
     2. finish the family room walls - stupid pine paneling that my husband had to have! We're 1/3 done!
     3. clean out the garage & take stuff to consignment, goodwill, craigslist - whatever! Maybe one of us could park there by spring!
     4. clean out the back bedroom that used to be Nick's computer room! It would make a great guestroom or work out room! But I have to motivate the hubby for that project!
     5. Start working on all the little improvements that need to be made in order to list the house in (hopefully) near future! Like, re-painting doors & trim, touch up other walls, de-clutter, clean the carpets. Basically grunt work!
     6. work in the yard! We need to clean up the yard & give it some pizazz! We're in serious need of some curb appeal! I hope to finally plant some shrubs outside Maggie's window & maybe a little something by the front door. At least that can wait until the weather turns warm again!
I'm sure there's more, but that's all my brain can get a grip on right now!

I'm looking forward to living my life again! Getting together with friends, crafting for fun, working out regularly & just feeling better about things in general!

Off to work...