Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Painting Like an Artist

I am so stinking excited!
The hubby has graciously allowed me to sign up for another class!
I know what you're thinking...I take classes all the time! But this one is different! Those others are all online. This one is AT the ARTIST'S STUDIO in North Carolina!! I get to meet & learn IN PERSON from this lovely lady...

That's Donna Downey (and her cool hubby Bill), in her studio in Charlotte, NC & I get to go there in late August to take a class called "Paint Like an Artist." 
I know it's going to be AMAZING, as I have taken so many online classes from her & loved every one of them. She's funny, sweet & so very talented! I can't wait for August to roll around!! LOL

Even when I am not taking a class from her, her work inspires me...
I started this piece a few days ago & hope to finish it up by next week. But it was inspired by Donna's piece here:
You can buy this poster here
I don't know if I will blend my colors as much as hers, but I thought it was very cool & I had just ordered the stencil of the woman from her while we were on vacation - a huge one perfect for canvases like this one!
So wish me luck in finishing this piece & continuing to to find inspiration from all around, especially from this talented lady!