Sunday, December 15, 2013

Time for Santa

Sorry I've been absent lately!
We were on vacation in Maui for the first week of the month & I am playing catch-up this week!

As many of you know, my daughter is in 2nd grade & has reached the American Girl Mania-stageAnd, so has Grandma!
(We've been blessed with 3 hand-me-down dolls from a dear, dear friend & her generous daughters!!!) 
She went to the AG store to get some Christmas gifts for Maggie & was sucked in! She left with MANY fine things to go under the tree & a matching brocade gown set for doll & granddaughter to wear on her annual visit to Santa…
One quick shot at home with Josefina
Maggie listens intently as Santa explains why we can't touch & play with Elfie
Maggie pleads her case, but alas, Elf will stay on the shelf!
I actually got teary with this shot! (G-ma & G-pa)
What a cheesy grin I had! I swear it was the words Mrs. C was making us say!
A great shot of us all…just wish Nick, Kim, Eric & Jake had been there too!
Mrs. C bought these in Whoville!
Aren't they FABULOUS!!
The night's not complete without some Santa Love!!
I have to say that this was the BEST Santa visit we've ever had! He was so warm & jolly, he must have been the real thing! ;-)

{Thanks mom for making my daughter look even more beautiful in her special dress! I will remember this visit to Santa forever! 
I love you!!!}

Hope you are all enjoying the season!
I can't believe Christmas is only 10 days away with still so much to do!!!