Wednesday, August 25, 2010

HOLY Vegetables Batman!!!

I love my husband dearly, but I have decided that he will no longer be in charge of planting the garden every year! PERIOD!!
You see, he's great about prepping the soil, planning & creating the rows, but then he just drops the seeds in with no regard to the directions on spacing...therefore we get an abundance of vegetables that are all ready to pick at once!!! 

This is what I have picked today ALONE! There are still over 2 dozen carrots in the ground & a ton of tomatoes that are ready to pick & more ready to ripen!

But after 2.5 hours in the garden & another hour cleaning veggies off, I am THROUGH for the day!!! (He also planted 8, yes EIGHT! Yukon potato plants & we never eat potatoes anymore! Don't ask me, I don't know what he was thinking on that one!!!)
Needless to say, friends & family will be getting some goodies over the couple of days!!!
Thanks for letting me vent!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Crafters - Check out this Amazing Giveaway I found!

I found this blog candy at this great blog I discovered through one of the CC&M DT, (Chris Dickenson) members:
Playing with Paper! She has some great card ideas & tons of resources! Not to mention some amazing giveaways! If you follow the rules today, you could win this by Aug. 30th!!!

Yep! ALL of it!!
She has it listed by manuf. on her blog, so be sure to check it out!
See ya soon & good luck!!
- Becky

Friday, August 20, 2010

Back to School

Well, today was Maggie's first day at her new school (we switched from a small local church program to the public school Pre-K this year). I was worried that she'd have a hard time this morning, but she hung in there like a big kid! I think I was a more nervous than she was & found myself feeling a little lost all day without her!
Silly, I know!

I have to admit that I had a little lump in my throat when I got home! Not really sure why since she's been going to school for the past year! Albeit, only 2 days a week & there were only 7 kids in her class & probably 60 in that whole school! So, maybe it was just a little apprehension about her being in the HUGE public school (there are 3 ECE classes of 16 kids each!) & all the worrying about this big change for her! I'll get over it! Especially when I realize I am caught up on life after a few weeks of a quiet house for the better part of the day! LOL!
She seems so grown up here!!
STOP! Let me get at least ONE good picture!!
Oh, the trials of being a scrapbooker & trying to capture all of life's little moments!!
Waiting to go in...she was being a little shy & not talking to the little boy next to her & even scooted all the way into the corner at one point! Silly girl!
Waiting for her teacher in circle. I did get a smile before I left & lot of hugs & kisses blown to me, but the photo turned out too blurry to post!

All in all, she had a good day! We heard nothing of tears, but definitely played it shy all day! Who knew my constant talker could be so quiet!!
Tomorrow morning we are off to a trial run at a dance class! I will post some pix if I can this weekend!
Happy Friday to all & to all a goodnight!