Friday, June 18, 2010

Just Chill...And Feel Guilty!

Happy Friday to everyone!
It's been a little bit of a crazy week for me as I try to finish my future-sister-in-law's jewelry for her wedding at the end of July.
Here's a little look-see...

After spending 2 days designing, turning pins & hooking little rings through chain, I took all of yesterday off! 
Yep, dropped Maggie at school at 8, went for a 4 mile run/walk (although I never got into the groove with running - I just felt very clumsy, but I did walk a long mile all uphill to really work my bun!), came home & got cleaned up & parked my arse on the couch all day watching Elizabeth I. 
I just didn't feel like doing a single thing! Ever have days like that?

So, today I feel a little guilty about being such a vegetable!!
Of course, today will be a little more normal - 
Maggie & Daddy are going to school this morning for a special Dad's Day lunch
Later, miss Maggie & I are going to see Marmaduke. 

I know, the new Toy Story is out, but I don't really want to fight the crowds on opening weekend!
We don't really have any big plans for Dad's Day & we have a BBQ to attend tomorrow.
Nothing too exciting, which is fine with all of us!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Migraines SUCK!

Today was going to be a great day, darn it!!

Before we left for Greece a few weeks ago, I pinched my neck really bad. You know the kind that keeps you from turning your head to the left & makes driving all but impossible? And, it only got worse in Greece by moving to my shoulder joint! Ugh!

Last night I finally had the brilliant idea of changing my pillow & low & behold a good night's sleep followed! I finally awoke feeling rested & in a good mood!

I dropped Maggie at school at 8, went for a little 3 mile run/walk (I've finally dropped 8 pounds & a few inches here & there! Wahoo! Only 10 more to go before July 21st!) & felt surprisingly well afterwards (I am NOT a runner, but I am trying when my knees allow it!). When I got home I had a light breakfast because I started to get one of those little headaches that feel like a "hunger" headache. (Not even thinking that it could be one of my monthly cycle headaches!)

Ignoring the headache, I went out to weed the garden before it got too hot out. Eventually the headache started to really nag at me. So when I came inside I ate a little more protein & took one of my migraine pills & settled in to finish my project for the Creative Cuts & More Blog Hop on the 14th - a little circular album with pictures of Maggie playing in the sprinkler a few years ago!

Well, I managed to finish the album before my head got worse! I thought the meds I took were working, but by mid-afternoon I had this piercing pain behind my left eye with EVERY heartbeat! Usually when I get these headaches, it only throbs when my heart rate accelerates or I bend over to pick something up, but this one was totally different! The pain was so bad that I was crying (which made it worse, of course!) & Tula (our dog) came over to check on me several times! I laid on the couch with an ice pack over my left eye for the better part of 2 hours before I tried to get some rest in bed. But I just couldn't get comfortable & finally gave up just before 6. Grrrr!

Luckily, Nick was able to pick Maggie up from school so that I could take some percocet just before they got home! I hate taking narcs because they always make me feel sick & sometimes don't really help these types of headaches. I would love to hear from anyone out there that gets these vascular-heart-throbbing-type headaches to hear what works for you!

Sorry to complain, but I am finally feeling better & just felt like writing about my day.
I promise to post a few sneak peeks from my project & some Greece picts later this week!

Thanks for listening!