Monday, June 6, 2011

Catching Up...

Finally! A minute to catch up on things here! I now have a chance to catch y'all up on what Maggie's been up to these past few weeks...

First we had Graduation from ECE! We watched our little grads come down the aisle at the school auditorium to the typical commencement march! Then they all sang a bunch of fun songs for us. Afterward we enjoyed some yummy cake with her classmates & teachers!

With her proud Grandparents!
Miss Lisa - Maggie's Para all year & all the kids adored her!
Miss Lisa - her incredible teacher! We will miss her a lot!
The weekend after Graduation, she had her first big dance recital! They performed a tap dance for us as well as a little show of ballet positions. (We weren't allowed to take pictures at the actual recital, so all of these are from dress rehearsal.)
Tap dancing to "3 Little Fishes"

 This was her most favorite part of the dance! She love to feel the tutu bouncing around with her! And then of course, the "Choo" part afterwards brought smiles too!

 For the ballet portion of their recital, they showed us the first 5 positions. I apologize to all the ballet afficianados out there - I don't know the positions myself so I didn't label them accordingly! Ha!


If you look closely, my little ballerina is yawning!!
 The recital was absolutely adorable, albeit a little long! (All the students of the studio performed - including the adults!!)

The following week was Maggie's last week of school & she got to experience her first Field Day at school! Now, I had always hated field day when I was little because I was on crutches almost every year & couldn't play along! (I would either sprain my ankle or her my achilles in soccer every spring!)She had a blast!

 She did really great on the Egg Walk - almost all the way back without dropping it!

 She's a natural in the Sack Races too! Didn't fall until the very end!
 Trike Racing was everyone's fave!
Tossing the Whiffle Ball around!

So, that's the big stuff over the past few weeks...Everything in between has been pretty low key except that Maggie lost her FIRST tooth!!! She got so excited when we discovered that her tooth was loose & everyday we checked it. It finally popped out Saturday afternoon! So, I leave you with one more set of picts...

She's got 2 more wiggly ones, so expect to see some funny face pictures soon!!