Friday, March 26, 2010

Maggie-filled Day #1

I meant to get this post up last week, but as usual, LIFE got in the way!
(**NOTE: I apologize up front for any formatting issues!! If anyone out there has a better blog template/site to work with, please let me know! I am still having issues w/placement of text & picts here & find it very frustrating that what I see is not what publishes!)
With the weather being absolutely gorgeous last week, we took advantage of some time outside on St. Patrick's Day & headed to the Denver Zoo with some friends...

This is Julia with Chloe (aka Coco)
& Maggie with Julia's other daughter, Reese (aka Mo). I love that Julia's such a laid back parent & her kids are really sweet!
We had a great time roaming the park with them!

Some of our favorites:

Maggie does her elephant impression for me!

I wonder if you were to be in an area with a bunch of real Magpies, if they would be hamming it up like my Magpie?!!! At the end of our day, we stopped for some ice cream before leaving the zoo & Maggie was busy giving herself ice cream lips & asking me to take her picture over & over & over...

I especially love this one...It the "maybe I should do it all over again" look!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Birthday Princess!


Ok, it's only been a week, my 40th is tomorrow & I am finally posting Maggie's birthday photos from last weekend! Life can be crazy! 
I am still having a hard time believing my little girl is already 4! Every day I found myself remembering what the final week in February was like 4 years ago! It's a bit fuzzy, but I do remember the final 24 hours leading up to her arrival as being full of strange rumblings in my body & thinking that she wasn't going to wait the final 3 weeks we thought we had!
She made a much anticipated appearance on a Sunday afternoon on the 26th & life as we knew it changed - for the better!!

Even though Maggie wanted to have her party at some place other than home, we just couldn't afford it! We decided instead to have a few of her friends & classmates over - it was a total blast & a big success! (But mommy would prefer to skip the chaos next year!! LOL)
They all played wonderfully together, did a little craft project, had lunch, cupcakes & presents! All jammed into 2.5 hours! PERFECT!!


Barbie made quite the appearance for Maggie's party!

This is Maggie's little buddy from school, Jeremiah. He is such a doll & Maggie just adores him!
Hammin' it up!

We just adore you Mags! (she wouldn't cooperate for her Auntie to get in the picture!!)
Grandma made this adorable skirt for her (the top tier is crayon fabric!) & she couldn't wait to wear it to school the next week! She used some of her b-day money from her other grandma to buy a Zhu Zhu Pet! This is Winkie! They are really quite adorable & he has quickly become her newest pal!

Happy Birthday Big Girl!
We love you!!!!