Sunday, June 26, 2016


I have had several students & friends ask me for some OPEN STUDIO time to just come play in my studio with me & I now have 4 on the calendar as well as 2 Paint 'n Sips planned. 
Please visit my Events & Classes page for more information!

The fist OPEN STUDIO night is Saturday, July 2nd! (Sorry for the short notice!!)


*Price subject to change for studio time after the July 2nd date.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

New Beginnings

It's been a crazy 12 months for me.
One full of a roller coaster of emotions & change.
But I can see the silver lining in all this change.
I have an amazing circle of supportive friends & family that just seems to get wider & wider with every day. Thank you all for that!

There were some times over the past couple of months that I didn't think I would find the light & joy in things again, but someone once told me that "if you throw what you want in your life out into the Universe, things have a way of coming back to you & working out as you wish."

That is so very true over this past month. 
My 17 year marriage ended 12 months ago & my divorce was final only a couple of weeks ago. And all the heaviness I was feeling over this last year is already lifting. I know that I have a lot of hurt & anger to work through, but every day I remind myself of what a fantastic life I have with my daughter, my friends & family & this wonderful community I live in. I am trying to live in the moment & stop fretting over the past or worry about what the future holds. When something negative is thrown at me, I try hard to find the positive or to simply let it roll off my shoulders.
I don't need the burden anymore.
So on to new beginnings!

The Universe has definitely listened to what
I've been throwing at it!

June Flowers
The word about my kind of paint 'n sip/art classes seems to be spreading & morphing into other ideas! I am hosting my first kids art camp in a couple of weeks & it's a little over 1/2 full! I am so excited that these kids want to create with me & that their parents entrust them with me for 3 days! LOL

Two weeks after that, I will join my daughter & some other "Tweens" at Devon Combs' ranch for a Beyond the Arena equine coaching experience just for the girls. I will be doing the art portion of this 2-day camp where the girls will hopefully come out feeling confident & supportive of each other & other girls. Devon & her horses are simply amazing!

I have been asked at several of my classes if I would be willing to do something on a regular basis & even though the summertime is crazy, I will be offering a new Friday night class at least 2x a month, so stay tuned for that announcement in the next day or two.

In addition, I may be working with a few friends on some team-building ideas as well as meditative/mindful workshops that incorporate painting! Lastly, I would like to take my act on the road to a few of the local pubs to generate business for them as well as for me!
I am so excited to make my life into what it should be, for myself & my daughter!

Me this month at a fundraiser event
On top of all of my art business happenings, it looks as though the Universe is telling me to work at our local private golf club as I had 2 offers from them come to me in the last 30 days!

I will be starting soon as the part-time Front of the House Manager in their grill for the summer months while they re-vamp some things around the club. On top of that, I am testing the waters with the existing Wedding Coordinator to see if I am a good fit to take over for her when the season comes to end & the 2017 wedding season begins! I am really excited about both positions & love that it is right in my backyard!

In between working & painting, being the head of the household & all that comes with that now, I plan to spend as much time with my daughter as I possibly can now that I only have her 50% of the time! She's my world & I hers, so that shouldn't be too hard! :)

Embrace the new!
Let go of the old!
To New Beginnings!