Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Finding Inspiration

I haven't been feeling very inspired to spend time in my studio lately & I think this photo is the reason why...
My corner is a disaster & you don't even want to see the rest of the studio! UGH! 
While I have managed to get in there & play a little bit, I find myself getting started on something & then setting it aside to start on something else. Only to set that aside & start another project! What does this lead to? A bunch of "works in progress!" LOL 
When I struggle like this, I turn to artists I admire, home catalogs & magazines or Etsy & Pinterest to find my inspiration!
Inspired by Prismatic Art on Etsy
I started this one 3-4 months ago & just put another layer on it this morning! Luckily it needs to dry before I add any more, so that gave the opportunity to start this one...
Loosely inspired by artist on Pinterest, Stricher Gerard
I saw this color palette in an abstract on Pinterest & decided to give it a go. Kind-of cool. Not sure if it's my style yet...
Grandinroad catalog
This one was inspired by a piece of metal art I saw in a catalog. It had a vase of flowers popping off the canvas. I might do that with some tissue paper I think. I really like how the background has turned out & might see if I can duplicate it for a class.
And lastly, when I feel like I'm in a slump, I sign up for yet another online class with one of my favorite artists, Donna Downey! This class is all about working in a series by doing 10 canvases in 10 days. I started the first one last week, but haven't done the next one...
Donna Downey class
I had a great time with this one & it reminded me how much I enjoy collage as one of my layers on canvas!
Do you ever get in a creative slump? If so, how do you get out of it?
That's it for today...hoping to get in my studio this afternoon & clean it up! for some reason that always inspires me to create!