Sunday, May 19, 2013

Catching up

It's almost the end of May
Where does all the time go?! 
As usual, I'm playing catch-up these days...finishing online courses; trying to meet DT deadlines; house stuff & getting ready for the school year to end...I just wanted to share a few pictures from the month of May around here.
Our last snow in the area was beautiful!

The locals...
 On our way back from a walk on the last snowy morning, we rounded the corner to our cul de sac to find these deer on the corner. I SWEAR they let me bet within 15ft of them to take these pix! Damn they're cute!!!
This yearling was VERY curious & kept ducking in & out of the trees to get a glimpse of me!

Feed the...deer!
Amazing that they can actually stand on their hind legs & get seed from the feeder without knocking it over! (course every time I tried to get a shot of that, they wouldn't cooperate!) 
Finally, I have been REALLY enjoying sitting on the patio & watching the birds...
The elusive Mountain Blue Bird! He/she tends to fly away the minute I get my camera focused on him! Stinker! I did manage a few shots today though...

I am still trying to identify most of the birds around here, but it doesn't stop me from taking DOZENS of pictures of them!!!

These two, we believe were Starlings, made the strangest electronic-sounding call as they sat atop the trees! Freaky, but beautiful!
That's it for now...catch ya up on some more things soon!