Friday, August 20, 2010

Back to School

Well, today was Maggie's first day at her new school (we switched from a small local church program to the public school Pre-K this year). I was worried that she'd have a hard time this morning, but she hung in there like a big kid! I think I was a more nervous than she was & found myself feeling a little lost all day without her!
Silly, I know!

I have to admit that I had a little lump in my throat when I got home! Not really sure why since she's been going to school for the past year! Albeit, only 2 days a week & there were only 7 kids in her class & probably 60 in that whole school! So, maybe it was just a little apprehension about her being in the HUGE public school (there are 3 ECE classes of 16 kids each!) & all the worrying about this big change for her! I'll get over it! Especially when I realize I am caught up on life after a few weeks of a quiet house for the better part of the day! LOL!
She seems so grown up here!!
STOP! Let me get at least ONE good picture!!
Oh, the trials of being a scrapbooker & trying to capture all of life's little moments!!
Waiting to go in...she was being a little shy & not talking to the little boy next to her & even scooted all the way into the corner at one point! Silly girl!
Waiting for her teacher in circle. I did get a smile before I left & lot of hugs & kisses blown to me, but the photo turned out too blurry to post!

All in all, she had a good day! We heard nothing of tears, but definitely played it shy all day! Who knew my constant talker could be so quiet!!
Tomorrow morning we are off to a trial run at a dance class! I will post some pix if I can this weekend!
Happy Friday to all & to all a goodnight!

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